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Wife guilty in attempted murder of husband

BALLSTON SPA - Lydia Ann Salce showed no reaction Friday morning when a jury of nine women and three men found her guilty of trying to kill her husband, Michael McKee, at the Halfmoon home they shared.

Salce stabbed McKee more than a dozen times on August 11th of last year, puncturing both lungs and leaving him in critical condition at Albany Med.

Salce maintained that she was defending herself, but the jury didn't believe it because the only injury she had was a black eye, which prosecutors said McKee gave her as he tried to defend himself from the knife attack.

"The jury was able to see that self defense was not viable in this case," said Michele Schettino, the assistant district attorney who prosecuted the case.

Trial begins for wife accused of stabbing husband

HALFMOON - A Saratoga County woman is being tried this week on charges that she tried to kill her husband.

If the jury finds her guilty, Lydia Salce could go to prison for up to 25 years. It happened in August of last year.  Police say Lydia Salce was waiting for her husband, Michael Mckee to return to their home on Route 9 in Halfmoon.

They say she was angry and frustrated that he'd joined a biker gang and would often spend time drinking with his friends.

Prosecutors say Salce used a six-inch serrated knife to stab him more than a dozen times. One prosecution witness, who worked with the couple at Wal-mart in Halfmoon testified today that Salce was mad at her husband and said, "if I done get to talk to somebody, I'm going to kill him."

Prosecutors contend she nearly did, but Salce maintains it was self defense and says the black eye in her mug shot is evidence of that.

Man found guilty in attempted kidnap

A jury in Saratoga County deliberated just three hours before finding Thomas Mould guilty of attempted kidnapping.

Prosecutors say Mould was lurking outside a Stewart's Shop in Greenfield last fall.

He attacked a woman as she got into her car after pumping gas and demanded she give him a ride.

The woman managed to fight him off.

Mould faces up to 15 years in jail.


Ex-Albany cop sentenced to 1 year in jail

BALLSTON SPA - A former Albany police officer was sentenced to one year and 15 days in jail for his conviction for criminal mischief and harassment.

The convictions stem from an incident in April 2010 where Robert Schunk, who was an Albany police officer at the time, arrived at a home in Halfmoon and began to argue with a woman. He grabbed her and caused bruising to her arms and damaged the door to her bathroom.

The victim fled to her bathroom and locked the door. Schunk damaged the door while he was trying to open it.

The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department responded and charged Schunk with criminal mischief and harassment.

Two men arrested after fight with Wal-Mart security

Two Saratoga County men are under arrest, accused of fighting with Wal-Mart security in Wilton as they tried to steal a flat screen TV.

Our media partners at The Post-Star report Stephen Matthews and Douglas Purner of Gansevoort were arrested a short time later at a home on northern pines road.

Both are charged with third degree robbery.

Man arrested for kidnapping girlfriend, two sons

State police say a Saratoga man kidnapped his girlfriend and their two sons during a four day crime spree.

Nicholas Beer is accused of stealing from a number of businesses including Home Depot and Excelsior Auto Parts.

Police say he also stole a truck from Route 9 Wilton Delivery, which he forced his girlfriend into at gunpoint.

He was arrested in Schoharie County after a trooper spotted the truck parked for a long time at a gas station.

Neither the girlfriend, nor the boys were hurt.

Smartphone Security

Computer expert Addison Osterhout with "Computer Answers" in Albany showed us how easy it is to hack a smart phone.

“The simplest is using a free program that you can download,” Says Osterhout. “Get some tutorials on line and in about 10 minutes you can do it.”

Sure enough in ten minutes Addison was monitoring everything the photographer was doing: if he had been logging onto his bank's website, he would have gotten his passwords, account number, you name it.

It’s called a "Man in the Middle" intercept.

It can happen if you use an unsecured Wi-Fi connection like those found in airports, bus stations and internet cafes.

The thief’s software pretends to be the router you're trying to connect to, he decrypts your data, copies it, re-encrypts it and then sends it on to your bank.

While you were taking care of business, but so was the crook.